Potential applications / target groups 

  • remote areas, islands and small communities without electricity or clean water supply = decentralised drinking water supply
  • medium scale systems = up to 25’000 l/d per unit
  • disaster relief solutions
  • eco-tourism / small resorts
  • production sites/fabrics (where drinking water has to be provided by the employer)



  • independent
  • environmentally friendly thanks to solar and wind power (possible to power by renewable energy only – no ongoing fuel costs)
  • sustainable, long-term solution
  • low energy consumption
  • complete unit
  • low maintenance requirements


On the other side, our products are not designed for the following application

  • waste water (grey or black water)
  • large scale systems (such as large scale desalination systems)
  • in competition with household filters (not long-lasting)
  • in competition/comparison with cheap but low quality goods