The Trunz Water Systems AG division of R + D has developed a wide range of compact photovoltaic systems (TSPC), well-known in the market as Solar Power Centers. This independent and innovative solution is based on the latest developments in photovoltaic technology and includes our international experience in the field of rural electrification.

The difference between the TSPC and other commercially available systems on the market is its high energy efficiency which leads to an optimization in the equipments costs.

In order to increase the generated power by the photovoltaic modules and to make a more efficient use of the same ones, this TSPC incorporates the following elements:

  • MPPT charge controller
  • gel batteries
  • inverter
  • high efficiency solar modules
  • solar tracking system
  • 24 VDC optimised devices such as refridgerators, (street) lamps, etc.

The Trunz Solar Power Centre is specially designed as decentralised solution for electrification in remote areas.

Main benefits:

  • sustainable, environmentally friendly and independent solution
  • high-efficient, high quality and long-life components
  • all components specially designed for 24 VDC and working under harsh conditions
  • system is field proofed and working well in several countries


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